Theralase can help you kick the smoking habitOverview


The laser procedure is non-invasive, totally safe and painless.

Laser is a modern method of therapy. The laser simply converts electrical energy into a form of light energy that is transmitted to the client by means of specially designed probes. Low power lasers do not generate heat, therefore when the laser contacts the skin, the client experiences no warmth or burning.

How It Works

We are using the laser on energy points to help promote the release of neurotransmitters; such as endorphins, serotonins and dopamine, to help smokers deal with their withdrawal symptoms when they quit smoking.

During the treatment, most people feel nothing other than a sense of relaxation. The laser procedure involves the application of the probe to energy points on the ears and limbs. When these specific points of the body are stimulated with the laser, it promotes the release of these neurotransmitters into the brain, which results in a calming effect on the body. Endorphins, a specific neurotransmitter, are one of the body's own painkillers, an opioid (morphine-like) chemical produced by the body that serves to suppress pain, which assists in keeping the body calm and relaxed. The client experiences a feeling of euphoria and well-being that helps to dramatically reduce the withdrawal symptoms, irritability, and craving which come with quitting addictive tendencies such as smoking.

What The Smoking Cessation Programs Involve

Addictions involve both a physical and a psychological component. Our smoking cessation programs address both components by using a state of the art laser therapy system to address the physical component of the addiction and counseling guidance to address the psychological component.

Laser treatment is the application of a non-invasive laser beam to specific energy points on the body. This is a completely drug-free, safe, and painless procedure.

The counseling guidance involves practical advice that helps to support the individuals' efforts to remain a non-smoker.

Stop Trying to Quit and Start Living Smoke-Free

No matter how long you've smoked; no matter how many times you've tried to quit; if patches, gum, inhalers, or hypnosis haven't worked for you; then why not try laser therapy with an 85% proven success rate?

Kick the habit at the speed of light.

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There are so many good reasons to quit smoking.


What To Expect

The Theralase smoking cessation program consists of a 1 hour laser treatment. Most patients require only 1 session.  Occasionally, a patient may feel they require a booster treatment.